Lazy as with food

So not only am I lazy when it comes to prepping food I am also apparently lazy when it comes to remembering to blog, oh well sometimes life gets busy or if you are me you just forget.
So I have completed my 4 weeks of only eating whole foods to try and retrain my brain. Do it work YES I have learnt so much about foods in four weeks that I am astonished that it has only taken four weeks to retrain the brain. It is amazing that now the thought of even a sandwich, mainly be because of bread, makes my stomach queasy.
Don’t get me wrong it was not all roses, ponies and sunshine, cravings are hard to break, who knew you can be dependant on coffee with only having three a day and yes, now that I can have coffee again I do have one or two a day however I feel this is a small price to pay since I no longer crave sugary food.
Eating whole foods has opened up a whole new life for me, I have discovered how to use vegetables as spaghetti instead of the pasta, discovered how to make what I thought was boring food actually really delicious and even make whole food desserts.
The one thing though that did my head in was spending three hours on a Sunday prepping and cooking foods for the week ahead. This is where my laziness for foods comes in and lucky for me there is a company locally which makes and delivers paleo/wholefoods all fresh with nothing frozen.
So while I am glad I did my four week plan and I learnt the way to make sure I can make informed food choice in the future all I can say is thank you Natural Wholefoods for being my saviour.
No I will not eat chilled Avocado soup again, that was just wrong!


New eating plans are hard

So this week I started an eating plan that is four weeks long, it’s not a diet it is a lifestyle change, a change to whole foods. The first week which ends tomorrow has been a detox, now I know you are most likely thinking liquid all the way but no I’ve had salmon, chicken and lots of veggies even a few pieces of dark 90% chocolate.
It’s not been all smooth sailing with no coffee, no glass of red, no carbs, no red meat at times it has been a struggle.
But what is the upside of this?
After 6 days my measurements have decreased a bit, I’ve learnt a bit about eating a different way and most importantly I am feeling better in myself.
I’m determined to stick with the program, I really like and have connected with the nutritionist whose program it is and I think that it is very important to have a connection.
If someone tells me that at the end of the four weeks I can have a glass of red a night and a few squares of chocolate than I think they are brilliant.
So while I’m getting ready to embark on wk 2 I am more than happy to say that I will never eat avocado soup again!

Nutritionists – Can they help?

So I have enlisted the help of a top nutritionist, in Australia. Now over the years I have read blogs, articles and watched videos from nutritionists to see if I think they are really worth it or not.
I have even gone to to a few who have not told me anything that was helpful and I have come away feeling confused about what they recommend.
So when I saw an opportunity on Facebook to go and see this lady talk at a reasonable price I thought why not? What have I got to lose besides a few hours on a Sunday. It was being organised by a women’s only fitness group in a neighbouring suburb and while I am not a fan of women’s only fitness groups I decided to put my feelings aside. Now don’t get me wrong Women’s only fitness groups are great for the right people, I am just not one of those women who likes to be surrounded by gossiping, chatting women who prefer the social experience over the fitness side. When I train I mean business and while having a chat and a laugh are great I am serious about my training and can’t be bothered by all the chatting.
Anyway back to this nutritionist, when I got there and meet her I thought wow not only is she gorgeous on the outside but on the inside as well, she just glowed confidence, kindness and genuine caring, I was intrigued to find out what she had to say.
While I listened to her speak, I connected with what she had to say, some of it I had heard before and some of it was brand new and hit a cord with me and I realised that it is all about the connection you feel with someone. You can hear the same words and advice time and time again but unless it is said in a manner which connects with you then it will never sink in.
So at the end of the talk, I approached the lady who had organised the talk to find out more about the nutrition plans that they were offering only to be told that if I didn’t become a member of the group I could not get the plan and information. Fair enough I thought and I also thought why open an event to the public if you won’t offer it to all who attend. So I left, feeling excited about what I had heard as well as a bit lost. I had connected
with this women and now I couldn’t join the group, later that night I was still thinking about the talk and thought hang on there has to be someway to get this information so I jumped onto the nutritionists website and had a look around and which was fantastic to my eyes was that she offered an online plan. So I emailed her to find out information and see if she would help, to my surprise the next day I got a wonderful, warming and heartfelt email back about how she would love to help me and work with myself, it made my day.
So next week I start my new plan, I have been told to increase my water intake and start to decrease my caffeine intake to prepare for the new lifestyle plan I was going to receive. How excited am I???
So my challenge for the coming week is to cut back my coffee intake and drink loads more water.
So my theory is don’t give up on the first go when looking for help, keep going until you make that connection.

Too much sugar

Whilst reading todays Sunday paper I start to read the Sunday Body & Soul section. For those of you not in Melbourne Australia this pullout of the paper is all about health, nutrition and fitness.
I read this section every week and it is one of my favourite parts of the weeks newspaper. Sometimes I read about the latest fad diets and wonder who will this work for, sometimes I read articles on why this is bad for you or why that is bad for however today something grab my attention.
It was an article on sugar and how the Australian government has reduced it’s recommended daily sugar intake to 6 grams a day.
Now if you think about it sugar is everywhere and in everything, it is in the biscuits you consume, bread, cereal, muesli, yoghurt, cake and if you look at the packaging there is a lot in low fat foods (well they got to make it taste good some how). In fact sugar is in things that you think are healthy as it is and no I am not talking about the natural sugar found in fruit (fructose) I am talking about refined white sugar, the stuff that is processed within an inch of its life.
Now we all know too much sugar is not good for you, so perhaps it’s time to start changing one step at a time to reduce sugar from our diets, it may help the waistline and perhaps other things as well.
Perhaps if you have sugar in your tea or coffee lets take that out, I know it will taste strange at first but it will be better for you in the long run or perhaps you drink a lot of soft drink have you thought of cutting that out or atleast start by cutting down and no don’t change to diet soft drink because if you knew what was in the diet soft drink you will switch back to normal regular soft drink, while neither are healthy the healthier option is normal regular soft drink but that is a whole other story.
Therefore this week I will be changing my yoghurt, no more low fat yoghurt I am going back to normal everyday yogurt and I will be having the most natural organic state of yoghurt I can get at the supermarket. If you think about it our parents and grandparents didn’t worry about all this low fat/diet labelled foods they ate everything in natural form.
So while I am changing my yoghurt what will you be changing?

Close the fridge door, you don’t need to eat again!

Do you ever have those times where you are bored? I don’t mean just bored I mean really bored that you nearly go insane. Well I had one of those moments tonight, I had no where to go, there was absolutely nothing on TV to watch and I was constantly opening the fridge door to find some amazing snack.
There was no such snack in the fridge or the house however I kept opening the fridge expecting to find something despite knowing the entire contents of the fridge. By the 6th time I opened the door I was determined to find something to make, was I hungry? NO but I was bored and what is something I do sometimes when I’m bored, Eat!
I don’t tend to keep sweet or savoury snacks in my house because when I know they are there I eat them in one sitting because I can. I would love to be one of those people who can have a block of chocolate and make it last a week or more, alas the best I can do is 2 days, I have even been know to eat half a block in one sitting then throw the other half away because I can’t believe I ate half the block in one sitting.

So tonight after opening that fridge door for the 6th I closed it in disgust and thought what can I do, I don’t need to eat I’m not hungry just bored so I did something that I had been putting off for a while. I decided to tidy up my wardrobe now it’s not like a bomb had hit it or anything it’s just there were shoes lying around because when I get home they get taken off and left anywhere, jackets were not hung up just draped on things and the pile of washing/ironing from last weekend was just sitting where I left it on the ironing board.
After about an hour of continuous work I completed my mission of tidying up the wardrobe and you know what?
It was a fantastic feeling, I felt like I had a small victory on not just the housework but more importantly the snacking. By doing something I deem not to be worthy of my precious weekend time, I actually avoided eating food I didn’t need and got in some incidental exercise by moving around, picking things up and carrying stuff from one end of the house to the other.

So next time you are bored at night after work, don’t go to the fridge/pantry multiple times, do something that you have been putting off because as in my case, it may be the only way those horrible household duties get done and you are conquering two birds with one stone.

You can’t eat perfect all the time, emotions get in the way

So my goal of snacking on carrots for one week is still going strong, munched on them this morning while sitting at my desk working away and loved them.

Lunch time was a different story, normally I have a sandwich I have made or a salad and majority of the time I make my lunch and take it with me, today however it was not working for me.

You see the last 24 hours have been stressful for me and I’ve had a few issues at work, nothing major however a few things to throw me off my game even though I put a smile on my face, have a laugh like normal, I’m just not feeling myself. So today I didn’t want my sandwich I wanted ‘bad’ food.
So what did I do, went to McDonalds. Now this is rare for me it’s an odd occasion maybe twice a year I go there and today was one of those days.
Did I enjoy it YES!
Had one of my favourites, McChicken Burger, fries and a strawberry thick shake.
I can assume that any dietician/nutritionist would be frowning right about now, telling me that I’m an emotional eater but aren’t we all?

Sometimes you need comfort food no matter what that might be, you need comfort food to make you feel better and we all do it. The odd bit of chocolate, pizza, fried food, kebab or what ever takes your fancy can do it because as humans we are emotional and you just can’t block out those feelings sometimes and you know what ?? I don’t think you should because it made me feel better and yes my sandwich would have been the much healthier version but I don’t care it made me happy and really isn’t that what we all want, happiness?

So the next time your not feeling yourself, feeling down and you want to reach for the comfort food go ahead and do it! Your own happiness is much more important than what others may think of you and yes those co workers I mentioned yesterday were looking a me strangely but I don’t care!

Food and the Mind games it plays

So I have been having carrots as a snack all week and the one thing I have noticed is that when you start to munch on a veggie everyone around you notices. I don’t know what it is that draws them in but everyone notices what you are eating, you get the usual ‘oh your on a diet’ to ‘that’s a good idea’ to ‘trying to lose weight are we?’ The latter I do hate with a passion I mean who are you, my work colleague to question my weight?
The other amazing thing it does is make the other people around you watch what they are eating as well, the you girl instead of getting potato cakes for lunch gets a salad roll, your co-worker a few metres away decides to stop having tuna & 2 minute noodles and replaces them with meal replacement drinks.
While I have been enjoying crunching away on my carrot sticks (yes plain it’s how I like them) it is good to know that perhaps I have encouraged some other people to make healthy conscious decisions.